Our First Exposure to Bruckner's Music

Our First Exposure to Bruckner's Music
In August, I asked readers to provide me with the Bruckner recordings and/or concerts that made the first great impression on them. Those who answered have their replies posted below.

Download: Anbari_Alan.pdf
Download: Barber_Stephen.pdf
Download: Barkhoff_Dieter.pdf
Download: Becker_Lofty.pdf
Download: Berky_John.pdf
Download: Bernstein_Barry.pdf
Download: Cannon_Joseph.pdf
Download: Chibas_Eduardo.pdf
Download: Conkling_Andrew.pdf
Download: Cooper_Norman.pdf
Download: Del_Arte_Alonso.pdf
Download: Eames_Bill.pdf
Download: Filderman_Scott.pdf
Download: Forman_Paul.pdf
Download: Gilfillan_Chris.pdf
Download: Hack_Felix.pdf
Download: Halter_Klaus.pdf
Download: Hodgson_Anthony.pdf
Download: Hulhoven_Reginald.pdf
Download: Knight_Brian.pdf
Download: Knight_Tony.pdf
Download: Lee_Kevin.pdf
Download: Leonard_Richard.pdf
Download: Levine_Laurence.pdf
Download: Orzel_Scott.pdf
Download: Poon_Gene.pdf
Download: Raymond_Neil.pdf
Download: Romy_The_Cat.pdf
Download: Simone_Tom.pdf
Download: Tousignant_Martin.pdf
Download: Tschudy_Ron.pdf
Download: Warby_Derek.pdf
Download: Gibson_Paul.pdf
Download: Mabry_Drake.pdf