DOWNLOADS: Bruckner Recordings

DOWNLOADS: Bruckner Recordings is now offering downloads for sale on its site. Music downloads are in loss-less audio so you will receive them in the best possible sound. To accomplish this, two forms of compacting have been done.
First the file that you will download will be a .rar file or a .zip. This can be expanded using the WinRAR program or the WinZip program. Click here for WinRAR download. This file will expand into a .FLAC file for each movement. FLAC files can be handled by many audio programs, but if you download the free FLAC software and decode these files, you will end up with .wav files which are the industry standard audio file. Click here for the Flac download. If you paid by credit card, there may be a short delay while the charge is being processed before you will be e-mailed the download links.

NOTE: Charges on your credit card will appear as "Charter Oak Recordings."

Matthias Richter Bruckner Drawing
Artwork commissioned by
Symphony No. 7 / Jascha Horenstein / Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
1928 - The first electrical Bruckner recording
Dino Sequi / Gerhard Hofer: Symphonies Nos. 0-9 for Piano 4-Hands!
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The Cristian Mandeal Bruckner Symphony Cycle
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The Bruckner Recordings of Eduardo Chibas (24 bit!)
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The Dong-Ho Lee / Jeju Philharmonic Recordings (7 Symphonies!)
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The Ludwig K. Mayer Bruckner Recordings
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