Music of St Florian Period: Vol. II

Music of St Florian Period: Vol. II

In the 1980s, David Aldeborgh of the Bruckner Archive released his first and only LP entitled, "Anton Bruckner: Music of the St Florian Period." The LP contained the premiere recording of Bruckner's Magnificat and some religious songs. Other sessions were recorded in Germany and there were plans to fill out a second and third volume to the series. Those releases never took place.

Another Bruckner Archive project involved the first recording of the "Volksfest" Finale to the Symphony No. 4. The entire symphony was recorded with Hubert Soudant and the "Volksfest" was recorded as well. ABC Classics released the standard Bruckner 4th, but the "Volksfest" Finale remained unreleased.

These un-released recordings are now available in a limited edition in tribute to the efforts of David Aldeborgh to bring this music to light.

Each CD comes with an 8 page illustrated booklet with extensive liner notes by David Aldeborgh, John Berky and William Carragan.
ANTON BRUCKNER: Music of the St. Florian Period, Volume II
ANTON BRUCKNER: "Volksfest" Finale to the Symphony No. 4

[1] Totenlied ( 1'15")
[2] Aequale I ( 1'43")
[3] Vor Arneths Grab ( 2'33")
[4] Aequale II ( 1'35")
[5] Libera me ( 6'19")
[6-15] Requiem (35'47")

Jürgen Jürgens
Monteverdi Choir Hamburg
Camerata Accademica Hamburg

[16] "Volksfest" Finale to the Symphony No. 4 (19'08")

Hubert Soudant
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra