Using the Discography Database

Using the Discography Database
This area will provide you with information about how to get the most information out of the Bruckner Discography Database.

  • By clicking on the discography tab on the navigation bar above, it provides a pull-down menu which lists the works covered in the discography. By clicking on any of the compositions, it brings you to the top of that particular composition. There is a brief description and links to pages produced by David Griegel and Jose Marques which explain the various versions of the composition. When available there is also a link to a timed analysis table prepared by William Carragan.

  • The discography database is built using Microsoft Excel, but the file is converted to a comma delimited (.csv) file prior to being uploaded to the website. At this point, the template of the website allows for some helpful sorting alternatives as listed below.

  • The name of any given conductor is underlined. If you click on any of these names, the database will display all Bruckner recordings available conducted by that given conductor.

  • The name of any given orchestra or ensemble is also underlined. If you click on any of these ensembles, the database will display all Bruckner recordings available by that given ensemble. Note however, that some ensembles have changed their names over the years and that will limit the scope of this database search.

  • If a given recording is underlined, that indicates that there is more information available about that particular recording. If you click on that link, you will see the additional information. In some cases this information will give details on variations to an edition used since many conductors make adjustments to existing editions for a given performance.

  • A reminder that there are two different databases on this website. The information above relates to the discography database which attempts to list every recording that has been made commercially available. If you are looking for a performance by a conductor that is not shown on this database, you may wish to access the Bruckner Archive database which can be easily downloaded. It contains many more recordings some of which were never released commercially.