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Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Updated: August 5, 2019

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Complete or Partial Sets

Valery Gergiev
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphonies 1-9 recorded at the Basilica at St. Florian
Complete with documentary disc produced by Rainer Moritz
Arthaus Music Blu-Ray & DVD

In time for Christmas, 2020

Paavo Jarvi
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

Asahina / Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Tower Records / Fontec SACD set

Berlin Philharmonic
9CD Set and 1 Blu-Ray audio
June 30th release

Bruckner Symphony in F Minor

Bruckner Symphony in D Minor

Bruckner Symphony No. 1

Bruckner Symphony No. 2

Christian Thielemann
Dresden Philharmonic
C Major DVD and Blu-Ray (Fall, 2019)

Bruckner Symphony No. 3

Paavo Jarvi
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
BMG Classics

Jascha Horenstein
Venezuela Symphony Orchestra
1957 (Rattig Edition)
TOBU Classics CD Set

Bruckner Symphony No. 4

Matthais Foremny
International Junge Orchesterakademie
Project 2019 CD

Bruckner Symphony No. 5

Matthias Giesen
Bruckner Organ, St. Florian
(Transcription by Matthias Giesen)
Gramola SACD (September)

Bruckner Symphony No. 6

Toshiyuki Kamioka (edited by Woess)
New Japan Philharmonic
Exton hybrid SACD OVCL-00696

Bruckner Symphony No. 7

Alexandeu Lascae
Bellitoni Symphony Orchestra
1999 Hague
Ottavo CD BT01

Alan Gilbert
NDR Elbephilharmonie
Sony Classics (Fall, 2019)

Bruckner Symphony No. 8

Herbert von Karajan
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
May 2, 1966 (Tokyo)
King International CD

Bruckner Symphony No. 9

Evgeny Mravinsky
Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra (Earlier recording!)
St. Laurent Studio

Manfred Honeck
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Reference Recordings Hybrid SACD

Other Bruckner

Mass No. 1 in D Minor
Ben Luedcke
Madison Summer Choir CD

Four Orchestral Pieces
Enrique Mazzola
Orchestre Nationale d l'Isle de France
September, 2018
NoMadMusic CD NMM 061

Complete Piano Music
Francesco Pasqualotto
Brilliant Classics