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Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Updated: January 23, 2020

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Complete or Partial Sets

Valery Gergiev
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphonies 1-9 recorded at the Basilica at St. Florian
Complete with documentary disc produced by Rainer Moritz
Arthaus Music Blu-Ray & DVD

In time for Christmas, 2020

Paavo Jarvi
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

Asahina / Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Tower Records / Fontec SACD set

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Set
No.1: Seiji Ozawa
No.2: Paavo Jarvi
No.3: Herbert Blomstedt
Nos. 4 and 5: Bernardo Haitink
No.6: Maris Janssons
No.7: Christian Thielemann
No.8: Zubin Mehta
No.9: Sir Simon Rattle
Recording date: 2009-2019, Berlin, Philharmonic (Live)
Symphony Nos. 1-9
Blu-ray Disc Audio & Video
Symphony Nos. 1-9
Total Duration: 639 min.

Symphonies 0-9 (Versions for Piano four-Hands)
-Dini Sequi and Gerhard Hofer
TOBU (Japan) Boxed Set (soon available via this website)

Bruckner Symphony in F Minor

Bruckner Symphony in D Minor

Bruckner Symphony No. 1

Gerd Schaller
Philharmonia Festiva
Profil CD (1891 Vienna Version)

Bruckner Symphony No. 2

Bruckner Symphony No. 3

Jascha Horenstein
Venezuela Symphony Orchestra
1957 (Rattig Edition)
TOBU Classics CD Set

Bruckner Symphony No. 4

Bruckner Symphony No. 5

Gennadi Rozhdestvensky (Schalk Edition)
Nippon Yomiori Orchestra
Altus CD ALT 411

Tatsuya Shimono
Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra
2019.5.24 Live recording of the 390th regular concert
Tower Records Exclusive CD

Bruckner Symphony No. 6

Thomas Dausgaard
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Jascha Horenstein
London Symphony Orchestra
Pristine Audio

Bruckner Symphony No. 7

Bernard Haitink
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
BPO Direct-to-disc LP

Bruckner Symphony No. 8

Yevgeni Svetlanov
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (1992)
Weitblick CD

Bruckner Symphony No. 9

Daniele Gatti
Concertgebouw Orchestra

Other Bruckner