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Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Upcoming Releases (Plus Recent Discoveries)

Updated: April 1, 2021

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Complete or Partial Sets

Valery Gergiev
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphonies 1-9 recorded at the Basilica at St. Florian
Complete with documentary disc produced by Rainer Moritz and a book by Elisabeth Meier
Arthaus Music Blu-Ray & DVD

** NOTE: At the same time, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra is releasing these performances on CD.

Paavo Jarvi
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

Symphonies 0-9 (Transcriptions for Organ)
Hanjoerg Albrecht / Bruckner Organ at the St. Florian Basilica
Oehms Classics (2-3 releases each year up to 2024)

Christian Thielemann
Staatskapelle Dresden
C Major 9 disc Blu-Ray Set (757504 & KKC 9656)
April 2021 release

Bruckner Symphony in F Minor

Bruckner Symphony in D Minor

Bruckner Symphony No. 1

Bruckner Symphony No. 2

Andris Nelsons
Gewandhaus Orchestra
DGG (Paired with Symphony No. 8)

Bruckner Symphony No. 3

Christian Thielemann
Vienna Philharmonic
Sony Classics (2nd installment in new Bruckner cycle)
April release

Bruckner Symphony No. 4

Ferdinand Leitner
Orchestre National de l'ORTF
May 8, 1974
Spectrum Sound - Belle ami (currently only as a download)

Tatsuya Shimono
Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra
Tower/Brain CD OSBR 37010

Bruckner Symphony No. 5

Bruckner Symphony No. 6

Bruckner Symphony No. 7

Markus Stenz
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
September, 2018
Stavanger LP + CD (Also available as a download)

Stephan Geiger
LJO Bremen
LJO Bremen CD 4/2010

Herbert von Karajan
Berlin Philharmonic
September 1, 1982 - Lucerne
St. Laurent Studio

Sergiu Celibidache
Munich Philharmonic
February 15, 1990 - Bucharest
St. Laurent Studio

Bruckner Symphony No. 8

Markus Poschner
Bruckner Orchestra of Linz
February 5-9, 2018
Bruckner Orchestra Linz Limited Edition LP

Andris Nelsons
Gewandhaus Orchestra
DGG (Paired with Symphony No. 2)

Yutaka Sado
Tonkunstler Orchestra
Tonkunstler CD - Available from Orch Shop (Also as a download)

Lovro von Matacic
l'Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI di Torino
November 18, 1983
RAI "Auditorio" Cassette

Ken Takaseki
Tokyo City Philharmonic
Tower/Brain CD OSBR 37016-17

Rafael Kubelik
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Osaka, Japan - 1965 (Stereo)
Altus 2 CD set (Japan)

Bruckner Symphony No. 9

Daniel Barenboim
East-West Divan Orchestra
October, 2019
Unitel / C Major DVD and Blu-Ray

Symphony No. w/ Finale (Transcribed for Organ)
Gerd Schaller, Organist
Main organ of the former Cistercian Abbey Church in Ebrach.
Profil 2 CD set PH 92010

Thilo Muster
Organ of Eglise Sant-Martin
Organroxx CD

Herbert von Karajan
Vienna Philharmonic
August 27, 1967 (Salzburg)
Yves St Laurent CD YSL 1088

Other Bruckner