Newsletter: September 1, 2021

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As of August 30th the Discography Database and the Bruckner Archive Database have been updated. The underlined headlines below will take you to the various sections of the website where the bullet points below are featured. Please use these as guides to the new information offered since the last newsletter.

Newsletter - September 1, 2021

The format of my newsletter continues to change this month. With the exception of this section of opening comments, the balance of the newsletter will stay basically the same from month to month. The underlined links below will take you to the different sections of the site where the actual updates are made. So, there is still LATEST NEWS AND RECENT POSTINGS, and NEW RELEASES and the DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH and the WEB STORE, but you just have to click on the links below to get to them. It's simple and it gives me more time to make updates than writing about those updates again in the newsletter.

Other things have shifted around. LINKS has now been moved to the EDITOR'S SECTION and some of the items that have been listed in the EDITOR'S SECTION have been moved to FEATURES. The FEATURES SECTION will be better arranged to place the more relevant and valuable listings at the top.

This past month, I had the opportunity to travel to Austria for the first time in two years. In addition to picking up lots of goodies that were being held for me, I was able to attend the 2021 BrucknerTage Festival at St. Florian. The highlights of the festival were performances of the 1888 version of the Symphony No. 4 (in the edition prepared by Benjamin Korstvedt) and the debut of the newly restored Bruckner Bosendorfer piano. All indications are that these performances will soon be offered on compact disc.

The 2021 Bruckner Society of America Brucknerathon and Symposium is taking place this year! The dates have been set for September 10-12. More information can be found here and that information will be updated as the event approaches. Attendance has been restricted this year and the event is now fully booked.

My CD / video order incentive continues. For every current commercial recording ordered from my webstore, the buyer is entitled to one free "Charter Oak" download from the Bruckner Archive! The Bruckner Archive holds thousands of recordings and a certain section of the archive (Charter Oak Recordings – my own label) is fully digitized. Contact me for details.

Constant Reminders:

  • There are TWO databases on this website: The Bruckner Discography and the Bruckner Archive. The Discography lists every known commercial (or semi-commercial) recording and all of its various releases. The Bruckner Archive lists all of the recordings held physically in the Archive. It may only hold one recording of a given performance listed in the discography, but it contains thousands of other recordings that have never been made commercially available. The Bruckner Archive is downloadable as an Excel file.

  • Subscribe to The Bruckner Journal. The Bruckner Journal is now the publication arm of the Bruckner Society of America and a subscription comes with a Society membership. It can also be ordered separately (as a download) for just $10.00/10.00 Euros per year.

  • CASH REWARD FOR WANTED RECORDINGS. Click here for details.

  • William Carragan’s superb new book, ANTON BRUCKNER – Eleven Symphonies is NOW AVAILABLE and is a must read for any Bruckner enthusiast. The July / August issue of Fanfare this month contains an interview about the book and four five-star reviews. Carragan puts his enormous knowledge of Bruckner’s music on paper and complements his descriptions with smartphone “QR Codes” (or an associated website) of audio examples so the reader / listener can understand the differences between the various versions. The book is published and sold exclusively by the "Bruckner Society of America. You will not find this book sold by anyone else and the price of $50.00 is firm through 2021. That price also includes a one year membership in the Bruckner Society of America which includes access to all back issues of "Chord and Discord," a subscription to the "Bruckner Journal" and access to other documents in the member access area of our website. The book is selling well so be sure to order your copy soon. Signed copies are available for $100.00. Since books are not subject to the U.K's VAT, they can be shipped with little or no delay.


  • Any news about Bruckner that reaches my desk is posted here. After a while, interesting stories are moved to the FEATURES SECTION (below).


  • The Bruckner Archive recording database (with over 10,790 listings) has been updated and it is easy to download as an Excel file. Many of these recordings are available to collectors and researchers. Contact me for details on how you can fill in some holes in your collection. The database is fully sortable including the ability to sort by performance date!


  • There are many subjects covered here. While the topics remain relatively static, the sections themselves are frequently updated, so make it a point to check out the various subjects under this heading.


  • A listing of new releases and exclusive recordings - many currently available in my webstore.


  • A listing of future releases and recordings that have recently been discovered.


  • A collection of wonderful downloads including scores and the always popular DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH.


  • The web store focuses on new Bruckner recordings and other Bruckner recordings that are not generally available. The store is divided up into sections for CDs and DVDs, books and scores, downloads, bargain samples and collectibles. Be sure to check out each section for new items. I tend to focus on new releases and hard-to-find items.


  • As stories in the LATEST NEWS AND POSTINGS section get older, those that are still relevant get moved into the FEATURES SECTION. There is a wealth of information here that you may have missed when they were first posted.


  • Essays in English and other languages are entered as they are discovered or accepted.

  • New graphics (over 1,200) are frequently added.

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SITE All the information provided on this site is available to you free-of-charge. But it is not free for me to get it to you. Recordings must be purchased as does the server space upon which this website is stored. We have provided two easy ways for you to support this venture. First is to purchase recordings in my web store and second is to make your regular purchases through my homepage web links to online retailers. Purchases will support the ongoing expenses of operating this website.

Stay safe and happy listening!

John F. Berky