Historic Recordings & the Grunsky Scores

Historic Recordings & the Grunsky Scores
The material below was assembled by Lionel Tacchini in Germany and was once hosted on his own website. It has now been transferred to abruckner.com with the kind permission of Mr. Tacchini.

Some of the scores owned by Karl Grunsky (1871-1943) that were annotated with timings are now located in the Bruckner Archive. It should be noted that Karl Grunsky also transcribed Bruckner's symphonies for piano. Those transcriptions can be viewed here.

Recent Additions
1955 Symphony No. 2 Hans Mueller-Kray Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra 12/7/55

1959 Symphony No. 5 Hans Mueller-Kray Stuttgart Raio Symphony Orchestra 16/2/59

Historic Symphony Recordings - 1924 - 1959
Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (DRA) Additions
The Karl Grunsky Scores - Timings of Historic Performances