Wanted Recordings - CASH REWARD

Wanted Recordings - CASH REWARD
This recording has been acquired!
Unverified Recordings
(Last Updated: November 1, 2022)

These recordings are needed for timings and verification. A website cash credit of $200.00 will be given to anyone who can obtain any of these recordings for me. The recording can be presented as the actual disc, or a high fidelity audio file with good resolution photos of the front and back covers.

So, these are recordings that I know I don't have. There may be others that I DON'T know I don't have. Any help is appreciated!

Symphony No. 4

Emil Kahn (?)
Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra (?) - 1934 (Andante only)
matrix 0587 4. (romantische) Symphonie (A. Bruckner)
2. Satz I order number 5037

matrix 0588 4. (romantische) Symphonie (A. Bruckner)
2. Satz II order number 5037

matrix 0589 4. (romantische) Symphonie (A. Bruckner)
2. Satz III order number 5038

matrix 0590 4. (romantische) Symphonie (A. Bruckner)
2. Satz IV order number 5038

Symphony No. 7

Bernhard Kontarsky
Junge Suddeutsche Philharmonie
Orchestra LP (1970's)

(from Reichsrundfunk / Empire's Broadcast):
Bln 181
Hamburger Philharmonisches Orchester, Dir. Karl Muck
Symphonie Nr. 7 E-Dur Adagio (Teilaufnahme)
Berlin, Philharmonie, 09-10-1930 archive no. 619