Wanted Recordings - CASH REWARD

Wanted Recordings - CASH REWARD
Unverified Recordings
(Last Updated: January 30, 2019)

These recordings are needed for timings and verification. A website cash credit of $200.00 will be given to anyone who can obtain any of these recordings for me. The recording can be presented as the actual disc, or a high fidelity audio file with good resolution photos of the front and back covers.

So, these are recordings that I know I don't have. There may be others that I DON'T know I don't have. Any help is appreciated!

Symphony No. "0"

Richard Maier
Schwaebisches Jugendsymphonieorchester
Orchestra LP - 1970's (Finale only)

Symphony No. 7

Bernhard Kontarsky
Junge Suddeutsche Philharmonie
Orchestra LP (1970's)