A Bruckner Cycle from Capriccio

A Bruckner Cycle from Capriccio
Capriccio Recordings in Vienna has announced the beginning of what they are billing as a "Complete Version Edition" of Bruckner symphonies. The set will have its initial release with the Symphony No. 6 and will be completed by Bruckner's 200th birthday on 2024. Markus Poschner will be the conductor with performances by the Bruckner Orchestra of Linz and the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra. The set will contain all eleven symphonies and will contain two versions of the Symphony No. 1, two versions of the Symphony No. 2, three versions of the Symphony No. 3, four versions of the Symphony No. 4 and two versions of the Symphony No. 8. When the set is complete, it will contain 15 CDs.

A short promotional video is available here.

ANTON BRUCKNER: The Symphonies (Complete Versions Edition)

Symphony in F minor Nowak 10 (MWV 1973) Bruckner Orchestra

Nullte Symphonie Chapman NBG III/1: 11 oder Nowak 11 (MWV in preparation) (MWV 1968) Bruckner Orchestra

I. Symphonie
1868 Röder NBG III/1: I/1 (MWV 2016) Bruckner Orchestra
1891 Röder NBG III/1: I/2 oder Brösche Nowak I/2 (MWV in preparation) (MWV 1980) Bruckner Orchestra

II. Symphonie
1872 Carragan Nowak II/1 (MWV 2005) RSO Vienna
1892 Carragan Nowak II/2 (MWV 2007) Bruckner Orchestra

III. Symphonie
1873 Nowak III/1 (MWV 1993) RSO Vienna
1877 Nowak III/2 (MWV 1993) Bruckner Orchestra
1889 Nowak III/3 (MWV 1959)

IV. Symphonie
1876 Korstvedt NBG III/1: 4/1 (MWV 2020) RSO Vienna
1878-1880 (mit Jagd Scherzo) Korstvedt NBG III/1: 4/2 (MWV 2019) Bruckner Orchestra
Finale 1878 (Volksfest) Korstvedt NBG III/1: 4/2 (MWV 2019) RSO Vienna
1888 Korstvedt Nowak IV/3 (MWV 2004) RSO Vienna

V. Symphonie Gault NBG III/1: 5 oder Nowak V (MWV in preparation) (MWV 1989) RSO Vienna

VI. Symphonie Williamson NBG III/1: 6 oder Nowak VI (MWV in preparation) (MWV 1967) Bruckner Orchestra

VII . Symphonie Hawkshaw NBG III/1: 7 oder Nowak VII (MWV in preparation) (MWV 1995) RSO Vienna

VIII . Symphonie
1887 Hawkshaw NBG III/1: 8/1 (MWV 2020) RSO Vienna
1890 Nowak VIII/2 (MWV 1994) Bruckner Orchestra

IX. Symphonie Nowak IX (MWV 1994) Bruckner Orchestra

Recordings: 2021-2024; Linz, Musiktheater · Vienna, Radio Kulturhaus · Vienna, Konzerthaus

Consultant: Paul Hawkshaw, Yale School Of Music