Historic concert programs for sale

Historic concert programs for sale
A collection of historic concert programs is being sold. The complete list can be downloaded below. Offers for individual programs are being accepted.

The seller writes, "The highlight is the program from the world premiere of the Psalm 150 on Sunday the 13th of November 1892 under the direction of Wilhelm Gericke.

Also to be found is a program the very first time the Fifth Symphony was played in Vienna, the 1st of March 1898 under Ferdinand Löwe with Kaim Orchestra. This was the first performance of this piece which resulted in a success with the audience.

Two other programs of concerts under Löwe (7th Symphony in 1901 and Psalm 150 in 1918).

The rest of the descriptions of the programs can be found in the .pdf download below."

To view the programs, click here.

If you are interested, please contact the seller, Ulises Magaña at ulises310300@gmail.com

Download Bruckner-Programs.pdf