The 2024 NextComic Festival in Linz focuses on Bruckner

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Bruckner depicted by artist, Mathias Kollros, based on the writings of the Austrian pop star, Austrofred
NextComic 2024 is all about spatial and sound experiences in comics . The reason for this topic is the 200th anniversary of the composer Anton Bruckner.

In 2024, 12 exhibitions were presented that dealt with the composer.
The majority of the festival contributions dealt with the aspect of sound and spatial experiences in comics.

The comic cleverly exploits its literary relationship with written language to depict sounds and noises . By using soundwords, also known as onomatopoeias, the comic can imitate written language, thus providing a unique visual experience. Although soundwords are also used in written literature, they are a typical visual feature of comics and allow the reader to experience noises and sounds in a visually appealing way.