Bruckner's Breakdown: A new Jazz album based on Bruckner's music

Bruckner's Breakdown: A new Jazz album based on Bruckner's music
The Bruckner Year is going to offer many new insights into Bruckner's music. Here is one that has just been released: The following is a translation of their promotion:

Jazzrausch Bigband
Directed and produced by Roman Sladek

In its ten-year history, the Jazzrausch Bigband has established itself as an institution that makes the impossible possible: Jazz meets techno meets big band? No problem. Sold out concerts from electronic clubs to jazz festivals to classical houses? Running! And anyone who thinks that the band's musical spectrum couldn't be wider will be proven wrong by their classical arrangements.

After new versions of the music by Gustav Mahler and Ludwig van Beethoven, “Bruckner's Breakdown” is now released, guaranteed to be the most unusual album of the Bruckner year 2024. Jazzrausch's house composer Leonard Kuhn transports Bruckner's symphonies and original compositions based on them, mostly in a crisp, almost pop-oriented song format - with intense grooves and often with gripping force, but also with a lot of sophistication and a big band line-up expanded to include horn, percussion, bassoon and three strings. And despite all this, there is still plenty of room for the “jazz” in “Jazzrausch” and the ensemble once again presents itself not only as a perfectly functioning unit, but also as a union of brilliant soloists.

Fundamental basses, delicate symphonic music and improvisational freedom in the interplay - where else can this be achieved as convincingly as here..

You can listen to excerpts here.