Gottfried von Einem: Bruckner Dialogue

Gottfried von Einem: Bruckner Dialogue
The Bruckner Dialog is perhaps the best known work that incorporates Bruckner's music. Gottfried von Einem (1918-1996) composed the Bruckner Dialog in 1971 and it was first performed at the 1974 Vienna Festival which commemorated Bruckner's 150th anniversary. In addition to the Orfeo CD listed here, it was briefly available with Milan Horvat conducting the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra on a Classical Excellence LP. The specific passage used is the opening section to the Finale sketches to the Symphony No. 9
GOTTFRIED VON EINEM: Bruckner Dialog, Op. 39
-Lovro von Matacic
-Vienna Symphony Orchestra
-13/3/83 (16:01)
-Orfeo C 235 901A