Gerard Pesson: Wunderblock (Nebenstueck II)

Gerard Pesson: Wunderblock (Nebenstueck II)
The full title of this 2005 composition is, "Wunderblock (Nebenstueck II) An attempt at the erasure of the Majestoso from Anton Bruckner's Sixth Symphony, for accordian and orchestra. All of the music is there (almost) and it is heard in all forms of orchestral combinations. My thanks to David Bowman for leading me to this recording.
GERARD PESSON: Wunderblock (Nebenstuecke II)
-Teodoro Anzellotti, accordian
-Johannes Kalitzke
-WDR Symphonieorchester Cologne
-22/2/06 (15:38)
Aeon AECD 0876