A new performing version of the Bruckner Ninth Finale has been published

A new performing version of the Bruckner Ninth Finale has been published
Another completion of Anton Bruckner's sketches to the Finale of the Symphony No. 9 has been published and is available for performance. The score was prepared by Roberto Ferrazza and was published in Rome in September of 2017.

Mr. Ferrazza is a graduate of the Conservatorio "Santa Cecilia" in Rome where he studied composition. He has recently completed a three volume book entitled, "Tecnica e concezione compositiva nel sinfonismo di Anton Bruckner" (Technical and composition concepts in Anton Bruckner's symphonies). The books will be published in July of 2018. He has been a member of the International Bruckner Gesellschaft since 2009.

The Finale of the Ninth Symphony was written between 2009 and 2017 (the Coda was written first in 2008).

The score to the Finale is available in two versions:

1) A "philological" version, in color - that distinguishes authentic notes of Bruckner (black and blue) from Ferrazzo's additions (red), following the original layout of Bruckner (bifolios, pages, measures, etc.) and including, in the appendix, Ferrazza's critical notes and report. (pp. 152 + 62 notes).

2) An "execution" version, in black and white - A score without differentiation between Bruckner and Ferrazzo presented in modern notation, without critical notes. (pp. 106).

Anyone interested in obtaining of copy of either or both pubications can contact Mr. Ferrazza via e-mail.

Opening to the Philological report.

Opening to the score.

A performance of the symphony with the Ferrazzo finale can be viewed here.