Tell No One "Ne le dis personne " (French) (2006 )

Tell No One  "Ne le dis   personne "  (French)  (2006 )
A French film directed by Guillaume Canet uses a brief section of the Adagio to the Symphony No. 7. It occurs about 29 minutes into the film while two people are briefly watch a scene on television. The credits list it as "Adagio" (A Bruckner / arranged R. Ronsted) (c)K Musik/ Sonoton. The film received very good reviews and the rights have been secured for a US remake. My thanks to Ken Ward and Michael Lockley in England for this information. The Ronsted/Sonoton credit indicates that the music was taken from a commercial sound library. In this case from the Sonoton Recorded Music Library in a performance by Gregor F. Narholz. The music is on Sonoton's CD No. SCD 219. The entire recorded cut is just 2'19".

Download: tell_no_one.mp3