Mr. Klein (1976 - French)

Mr. Klein (1976 - French)
Directed by Joseph Losey (French, 1976, 123 minutes, color, 16 mm) .

The film was nominated for the "Palme d'Or" at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival but lost to "Taxi Driver."

We hear an excerpt of Bruckner’s "Locus iste" during the "communion scene."

From 53 min. to 56 min. : Interior scenes in the apsidal chapel of the church (of Saint-Eustache) during the solemn ceremony of communion of the son of Pierre (Pierre is played by Michael Lonsdale) and Nicole (Nicole is played by Francine Bergé) , and the arrival of Mr. Klein (played by Alain Delon) and Jeanine (played by Juliet Berto) .

Synopsis : In church, the children receive communion. Mr. (Robert) Klein comes into the church late and is greeted by his mistress. She mentions to him about the policemen being in the church. Klein now goes to sit by Nicole and her husband. He asks the husband if it is serious and he nods yes. He asks Klein how many Jews are there in his family background? Klein turns his head to look at the man, as if he’s thinking, what gives you the right to ask me such a question?

My thanks to Gilles Houle for this information.