Les Enfants du Siècle (Children of the Century) (1999)

Les Enfants du Siècle (Children of the Century)  (1999)
This French film is based on the true story of the tumultuous love-affair between two French literary icons of the 19th Century: novelist George Sand (incarnated by actress Juliette Binoche) and poet Alfred de Musset (incarnated by actor Benoît Magimel).

The soundtrack album to accompany the film was released by Decca Classics. The original music featured in the film consisting of a guitar and piano score was composed by Luis Bacalov. The score was recorded in January 1999 by the Rome Symphony Orchestra and featuring Fábio Zanon on guitar and Leonid Kuzmin on piano. The album was supervised by Murray Head.

But the film also features music by Ernst Eichner, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt and Anton Bruckner among others. Specifically, it includes Bruckner’s motet "Christus factus est" from 1884.

My thanks to Gilles Houle for this information.