Finale to the Symphony No. 3

Finale to the Symphony No. 3
Joseph Kanz is a band music composer, conductor and arranger living in Germany. He comes (on his mother's side) from a family of Old Austrian Military Bandsmen. From 1976 to 1984 he sang as a baritone in the Munich Radio Choir and 1984 to 1994, he was the director of the Hessen State Police Band. His compositions and arrangements for band (including many of the motets of Bruckner) are published by Trio Musik Edition, Doblinger and Carpe Diem Musikverlag.

Upon reading Hans Redlich's foreword to the Eulenburg Edition (No.461) of Bruckner's Symphony No. 3 (1889 version) where Redlich calls for a 7th final edition (7. Endgiltige Fassung ) of the Symphony, Kanz was compelled to prepare such an edition which he worked on from the 1970's until 1993. Full scoring took place between 1999 and 2005. In 2007 Trio Musik Edition printed the orchestral parts and offered the study score, including also Editor's Notes for sale.

The Study Score, together with a optional German 'Vorlagenbericht' (Editor's Note) is available from TRIO MUSIK EDITION. The complete orchestral material is also for hire. A conductors score is available on special request and is also for sale. Please contact TRIO MUSIK. (

A promotional CD of the world premiere performance is also available for the cost of shipping. For more information, click here.

Download: Kanz_Sonderdruck-SpecialEditionFinale3.SYMFONIEENDGILTIGE.pdf