May, 2011: The Early (1862) Overture in G Minor

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On a long out-of-print Japanese CD featuring a performance of the Mahler Symphony No. 4 there is a very rare Bruckner recording. There is no mention of the Brucknerian treasure on the cover and the back of the CD simply mentions a performance of the Overture in G Minor. But this is the ONLY recording of the Overture in its 1862 version.
The Overture's original version has a different coda at bars 233-288. This was later replaced and approved by Otto Kitzler with the new coda (bars 233-288). The last 13 bars of the Overture are the same in both versions. While most printed scores show both versions, every other commercial recording of the Overture features the version of 1863. Shunsaki Tsutsumi conducts the Royal Metropolitan Orchestra.This performance was recorded in concert on April 25, 1997.

Download 1862Overture.flac
Download: 1862Overture.mp3