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June, 2021: Symphony No. 7 / Carl-Auguste Buente / Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra

The conductor Carl A. Buente (1925-2018) was kind enough to supply the Bruckner Archive with recordings of Bruckner performances he gave during his long career as conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and several Japanese ensembles..

Over the next few months, I will be offering those recordings as Downloads. Please note that his performance of the Symphony No. 3 was offered here in March of 2019. It is still available.

This recording of the Haas edition of the Symphony No. 7 was recorded in Japan on May 11, 1994.

More information about the conductor can be found here.

Download Buente-B7_1994-Covers.pdf
Download Track-1.flac
Download Track-2.flac
Download Track-3.flac
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