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John F. Berky
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January, 2017: Symphony No. 4 / Franz-Paul Decker / Barcelona Symphony Orchestra

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Back about ten years ago, a Spanish publishing company issued a short-lived multi CD set entitled, Els Concerts des Diumentes "The Sunday Concerts. The compact discs included performances of major symphonic works as performed by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. Several different conductors were featured. Within this set were two symphonies by Anton Bruckner. This month, we will feature the Symphony No. 4 as conducted by Franz-Paul Decker. The performance took place in January of 1996 and uses the 1878/80 version as edited by Leopold Nowak. The recording has shown up on several download sites but the performance is credited to the Orquesta LĂ­rica Bellaterra.

Download: Track_1.flac
Download: Track_2.flac
Download: Track_3.flac
Download: Track_4.flac