January, 2013: Symphony No. 7: Reinhard Schwarz / Orchester der Stadt Hagen LP

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Back in the days of the LP, it was less common for orchestras to produce their own LPs, but it did happen occasionally. But the Orchester der Stadt Hagen in the Westphalian region of Germany did release a 2 LP set in 1978 which featured their orchestra in a performance of the Bruckner Symphony No. 7 conducted by Reinhard Schwarz. The recording has not been issued on CD.
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7
-Reinhard Schwarz
-Orchester der Stadt Hagen
-June 19-20. 1978
-Orchestra LP SCH 7802 (Stereo)

Download: 1_Allegro_moderato.mp3
Download: 2_Adagio_Sehr_feierlich.mp3
Download: 3_Scherzo_Trio.mp3
Download: 4_Finale_Bewegt_doch_nicht_schnell.mp3