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July 2009 - Symphony in D Minor / Spruit / Concert Hall LP

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In the early 1950's, the Concert Hall label was a great label for Bruckner. This month, we offer up another of their releases. This may well be the first commercial recording of the complete Symphony in D Minor. A recording of the Scherzo came out on 78's with Fritz Zaun conducting the Berlin State Opera Orchestra and Heinz Bongartz made a radio recording in 1950 with the Dresden Philharmonic, but this commercially released recording of the complete symphony by Henk Spruit and the Concert Hall Orchestra dates back to 1952. The recording came out on different labels in different countries (Concert Hall Society, Nixa and Music Masterpieces Society) but the catalog number (1142) was always the same.
ANTON BRUCKNER: Symphony in D Minor "Die Nullte"
Henk Spruit
Concert Hall Society Orchestra
(actually members of several Dutch orchestras)
From Concert Hall Society LP CHS#1142

Download: 1_Allegro.mp3
Download: 2_Andante.mp3
Download: 3_Scherzo.mp3
Download: 4_Finale_Moderato.mp3