Plash, Frank: Assorted papers and writings

Plash, Frank: Assorted papers and writings
Frank Plash (1915-2006)
Frank J. Plash (1915-2006) was a noted writer and lecturer on the life and music of Anton Bruckner. He was born in Linz, Austria but emigrated to the United States in 1938. He eventually settled in San Bernardino, California. He was a jewelry salesman by trade and he became enamored with Bruckner's music while listening to recordings during his frequent sales trips.

As his interest in Bruckner grew, he renewed his ties with his native Austria - especially the City of Linz - and began actively promoting Bruckner's music in the United States. He gave lectures on Bruckner's music, usually as a pre-concert talk, before several orchestras and he was chosen by the International Bruckner Gesellschaft to present their Bruckner Medal to Zubin Mehta when the Los Angeles Philharmonic toured Europe in 1974. In 1991, the IBG honored Plash with his own medal of honor. Soon afterwards, he was honored by the City of San Bernardino.

Plash also became associated with the Bruckner Society of America and joined their executive committee in the 1980s. He established the "Western Division" of the BSA and actively promoted the music of Bruckner through that region. He died in San Bernardino in August of 2006.

Many of Frank Plash's letters and writings (in German and English) were given to the Bruckner Society in 2018 by musical organizations in San Bernardino. A sampling of that material is available for viewing below.

The audio file (below) is a pre-concert lecture entitled Bruckner - The Giant that Frank Plash gave in 1984 just prior to a concert that featured the West Coast premiere of William Carragan's Finale to the Symphony No. 9. The lecture only makes fleeting reference to the Finale premiere but it is a very good introduction to the composer.

Download: Plash_Annual_Reports_of_Bruckner_performances.pdf
Download: Plash_Bruckner_A_Country_Boy_to_Musical_Genius.pdf
Download: Plash_Bruckner_Song_Im_April.pdf
Download: Plash_Concert_announcements_and_reviews.pdf
Download: Plash_Letter_to_Mehta___Giving_Bruckner_Medal_to_Mehta.pdf
Download: Plash_Program_notes_Mass__2.pdf
Download: Plash_Program_notes_Symphony__3.pdf
Download: Plash_San_Bernardino_Resolution.pdf
Download: Plash_The_Ascent_of_Anton_Bruckner.pdf
Download: Plash_Vitae.pdf
Download: AUDIO_Bruckner_The_Giant.mp3