CD - Symphony No. 6 (New Edition by Takanobu Kawasaki - 2013)

CD - Symphony No. 6 (New Edition by Takanobu Kawasaki - 2013)

Conductor, Akira Naito continues his collaboration with Bruckner expert, Takanobu Kawasaki and Delta Classics with this recording of Bruckner's Symphony No. 6.

According to Mr. Kawasaki, these are the adjustments to listen for in this edition:

I) Bowing slurs at the beginning were excluded, so Violins (bar 1), Viola (bar 7), Cello & Bass (bar 25) all begin with the same clear articulation in the first movement. The slurs of the strings in the third theme (bar 101) were altered to be the same as the Hynais (first published) edition, and (bar 309) where the trumpet begins alone with strings.

II) Adagio: The strings are enhanced.

III) Scherzo: The second half of Trio is repeated as in the Hynais edition, but there is no transitional phrase.

IV) Finale: At bar 397, the strings are ff not pp - same as in the Hynais edition.

Naito, Akira
Tokyo New City Orchestra
Delta Classics DCCA 0075