August 12 - Vienna

After an opening reception last night at the hotel, we took a bus tour of Vienna stopping at Bruckner's residences, the Musikverein, the University and the Tilgner statue in the Stadtpark.

We went to the central cemetery to see the graves of such notable composers as Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Johann Strauss.

Finally, we visited Belvedere and the place where Bruckner died in 1896.

Church in Vienna where Bruckner took his organ examination
The tour on its first outing
The plaque on the church
Discussion outside the church
Inside of church during Sunday service
Where Bruckner lived on Waehringstrasse 41
The plaque at Hessgasse 7
Plaque at the site of the Ringtheater fire
Our bus in Vienna
The Viktor Tilgner bust at the Stadtpark
Bruckner Tour at Stadtpark in Vienna
A tour member portrays Elizabeth Praherstorfer on the original statue base
Bruckner's star at the Musikverein
The Bruckner Tour sign on the bus
Beethoven's grave in Vienna
Grave of Schubert at Central Cemetery
The grave of Brahms at the Central Cemetery
Grave of Johann Strauss, Jr at Central Cemetery
Memorial marker for Ringgasse Fire victims
Guests resting in the shade
Upper Belvedere Palace, Vienna
The Bruckner Room at Belvedere
Markers at Belvedere.