Kleine Kirchenmusikwerke CD set

Kleine Kirchenmusikwerke CD set
Hans Roelofs, my late colleague who created and edited the Bruckner Discography for Bruckner's Vocal and Instrmental Music produced an interesting CD compilation.

In an e-mail, he described the project:

I listened the past year to all official recordings of Bruckner’s Smaller Sacred Music – hundreds of them, I have no idea how many, maybe around one thousand - and made an evaluation of their merits. Then I made a compilation of these recordings (“best of”) in the chronological order of the “Kleine Kirchenmusikwerke” (MWV B 21-STP, ed. Bauernfeind-Nowak), in total three CD’s (44 works). Of a few works there are no “official” recordings, in that case I took live-recordings. Only of two or three fragmental works there are no recordings at all. So now it’s possible to hear (almost) all works in the “right” order.

For anyone interested in these secular pieces, the CD set is extremely valuable. Contact abruckner.com for information about obtaining a copy.

Details of the CD set is available below:

Download: Dutch_Dragon_HR_815-817_Contents.pdf