Albert Speer, the Armaments Ministry and Saint Florian

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Speer, Glassmeier, and members of the Armaments Ministry attending a Bruckner concert in St. Florian
Late in the war, Albert Speer was serving as the head of the Armaments Ministry and in June of 1945, the Ministry was holding meetings at St. Florian. While other ministers would have preferred more casual socializing, Speer preferred Bruckner concerts. In this photo, probably taken in June of 1944, Speer is seen sitting in the front role along side Heinrich Glasmeier (in the white coat).

Note the stairway leading directly to the Bruckner sarcophagus in the crypt. This was probably used by Glasmeier for his ritualistic ceremonies. That access stairway is now sealed off.

Photo of the Basilica floor as it appears now
Photo of the Basilica floor as it appears now