Finale to the Symphony No. 9

Finale to the Symphony No. 9
Marshall Fine at the time of his Finale composition
Marshall J. Fine was born in Cleveland, Ohio in December of 1956. His father was a violinist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Fine was born with autism, but he went on to accomplish may things in his life including becoming a violist with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. His life was tragically cut short when he died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Kentucky in August of 2014 (His obituary is below.)

Between December, 1977 and August, 1979, when he was studying for a masters degree at the University of Michigan, Fine composed a Finale reconstruction of Bruckner's Symphony No. 9

Opus13 - Finale to Anton Bruckner’s Symphony no. 9, orch [3333-8(5-8*)331-T-strs], 1977-79 (21’)

A diary by Mr. Fine has been retained that discusses his process of composition. (See below)

In June of 2022, Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs discovered his copy of the Marshall Fine score. In 1990, Cohrs and Fine were exchanging letters and Mr. Cohrs assisted in making reduced copies of Mr. Fine's 14" by 19" original manuscript. Mr. Cohrs' copy was considered lost until now. A copy of the score is available for download below.

The score is of great interest since it is one of the earliest known attempts at completing the Finale of the Ninth Symphony. There has been no attempt to perform his completion.

Marshall Fine's completion to the Symphony No. 9 Finale (1977-1979) - The Score
The Completion of Bruckner's Ninth Symphony - A Diary
Marshall Fine's Curriculum Vitae at the Time of his Bruckner Completion
Marshall Fine's Obituary
Marshall Fine's Obituary - As written by John Beifuss