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John F. Berky
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June, 2009 - Symphony No. 3 / Walter Goehr / Concert Hall LP

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In the 1950's and 60's, the Concert Hall Society Label was active releasing LPs and they included a number of interesting Bruckner performances. One of their earlier releases was of a 1954 recording of the Bruckner Symphony No. 3 performed by Walter Goehr (1903-1960) and the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. This was one of the earliest recordings of the Bruckner Third on disc and used the Raettig edition of the score.

Download: 1_Maessig_bewegt.mp3
Download: 2_Adagio_quasi_andante.mp3
Download: 3_Scherzo_Trio.mp3
Download: 4_Finale_Allegro.mp3