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December, 2008 - Zoltan Fekete - Symphony No. 3

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The Symphony No. 3 in a recording by Zoltan Fekete and the Mozarteum Orchestra will be the Download of the Month for December.

This recording was made around 1950 and uses the Raettig edition published during Bruckner's lifetime. It is hard to pin down the source of this recording in that it came out on several different labels in the early days of the LP. In the United States, it appeared on the Concert Hall Society label and the legendary Remington label, notorious for its unique repertoire and dismal sound. While the Mozarteun Orchestra of Salzburg is certainly well known and heavily documented on recordings, the name of Zoltan Fekete is not well documented. He made recordings that have appeared on many small labels although he was featured in a Mahler recording on the Mercury label.
Another mystery about this recording is that many of the original issues left off the Scherzo da capo which might suggest that this recording was originally issued as a 78 rpm set. Of all the various pressings, the Qualiton pressing was perhaps the best. For the download, the Scherzo da capo is inserted.

Download: 1_Maestoso.mp3
Download: 2_Adagio.mp3
Download: 3_Scherzo.mp3
Download: 4_Finale.mp3