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John F. Berky
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Jesus Masia's Finale to the Bruckner Symphony No. 8

This just in from Bruckner enthusiast, Jesus Masia in Spain:

Let me share with you my latest work on Bruckner, specifically on the fourth movement of the 8th symphony. It consists of an integration of the 1887 and 1890 versions. Both versions are fantastic.

The 1890 version not only eliminates a few bars, it also introduces some very interesting nuances of orchestration.

And to better appreciate this, in my work they are interpreted in consecutive sequences of measures so that, for example, the first four sound with orchestration from the 1887 version and then sound again with the orchestration of 1890. Only then it is possible to capture many nuances that go unnoticed if we listen to the two versions separately.

For example, the beginning of the movement vibrant looks identical in both versions. However, in the 1890 version, in measure 10, - second time - there is a silence in the cellos and basses. And on the horns bar 12 chord change. I have included some of the fragments cut, as the solo violin.

And so you can know at any time which version is playing, I have included a document with the temporal relationship of changes, and the bars corresponding to each version.

Download: Masia_Symphony_8_Finale.mp3
Download: masia_symphony_8_tempos.pdf