Hale, Philip: A Bruckner Biography from The Boston Symphony's Program Notes

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Philip Hale (1854-1934)
When Boston Symphony Orchestra annotator, Philip Hale died in 1934, it was decided to publish his program notes in a single volume. The writings date from 1901 to 1933. The book, edited by John N. Burk, was published in 1935. The first download is John Burk's edited annotation of Hale's description of the Symphony No. 7.

For the November 1915 performance of the Symphony No. 7 conducted by Karl Muck, Mr. Hale chose to include a biographical sketch of Bruckner in the program notes for the concert. A copy of the program book was recently discovered online and the biography is included here. As far as we know, it is one of the first biographies of Bruckner to appear in English.

Download: hale.pdf
Download: hale_biographyofbruckner.pdf