Recordings of the Year

Recordings of the Year

Recording of the Year: Lim / Korean Symphony Orchestra Symphony cycle (Korean Decca)
Historic Recording: Jochum / Boxed set of Orchestral reissues (DGG)


Recording of the Year: Schaller / Symphony in F Minor (Profil)
Historic Recording:
Video Recording: Blomstedt: Symphony No. 7 / Roskilde Cathedral (Dacapo)


Recording of the Year: Young / Symphony No. 7 (Oehms)


Recording of the Year: Abbado / Symphny No. 1 (Accentus / DGG)
Historic Recording: The recovered Skrowaczewski Symphony No. 9 (
Video Recording: Barenboim / Symphony No. 6 (Accentus)


Recording of the Year: Blomstedt / Bruckner Symphony Cycle (Querstand)
Historic Recording: Tennstedt / Symphony No. 7 / Boston S.O. (ICA)
Video Recording: Welser-Moest / Symphony No. 4 / Cleveland Orch. (Arthaus Musik)