Join the Bruckner Society - Support our activities

Join the Bruckner Society - Support our activities
The Bruckner Society of America, founded in 1931, has recently been resurrected. We have initiated our activities by digitizing all of the society's publications including the journal "Chord and Discord" so that all issues are now available on the Internet. We are also reviving the activity of awarding the Bruckner Society's Medal of Honor.

Other projects and publications are envisioned but additional funding is required.

The Bruckner Society is a tax exempt organization and contributions in the US are tax-deductible. If you would like to help support this endeavor, please consider making a contribution. Donors will receive written confirmation of their contribution.

Look below for special membership incentives. Membership is just $30.00 per year. There is also a $300 lifetime membership available.

Any person making a donation of $30 or more can choose to receive one of our exclusive CDs listed here.

Please e-mail your choice when making a donation.