John F. Berky is Awarded the Kilenyi Medal of Honor

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John Berky accepting the Kilenyi Medal of Honor
On September 6, 2013, Bruckner Society of America President, Benjamin Korstvedt presented the Julio Kilenyi Medal of Honor to John F. Berky, editor of and Secretary of the Bruckner Society. The medal was presented at the opening dinner of the 2013 East Coast Brucknerathon in Windsor, Connecticut. In presenting the award, President Korstvedt said:

It is my distinct pleasure to honor John Berky, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Bruckner Society of America, for his truly singular achievements in furthering interest in and appreciation of the music of Anton Bruckner. Through his website, John has created a resource that reaches a worldwide audience of many thousands of people, and shares a great deal of relevant knowledge about Bruckner, both current and historical. As you all know, that site houses not only an exhaustive discography of every Bruckner recording known to man, diligently and lovingly curated by John, but also a truly remarkable archive of scores, essays, articles, reports, and documents related to Bruckner's music.

In addition to the founding and maintenance of the website, we also salute John for his leading role in the revival of the Bruckner Society of America, which would never have developed so quickly and effectively, if at all, without his enterprising spirit and his great effort. He has taken the lead in the awarding of the Kilenyi Medal of Honor, including having it recast from an original he found on eBay, and has traveled to many locations all over the USA and in England and Germany to make public awards of the medal.

When I think of John's accomplishment, the two words that spring to mind are "initiative" and "entrepreneurial". The vigor with which John took up the first online Bruckner discography, which was handed over to him by its originator Lani Spahr in 1998, was remarkable. No one would have believed that that quite useful but still humble list of recordings would become the extraordinary on-line compendium John has created. In addition, his collection of scores, documents and other resources constitutes the Bruckner Archive, which he took over from its founder David Aldeborgh in 2011. John's constant zeal in locating new documents, recordings, as well as artifacts and souvenirs related to Bruckner and making them available to his public through the Archive, is most impressive and greatly appreciated.

Accordingly, as president of the Society, and with the enthusiastic and unanimous consent of the vice-president, treasurer, and board of directors (the secretary not being informed), I have the great pleasure and privilege to present to John Frederick Berky the Julio Kilenyi Medal of Honor of the Bruckner Society of America.