ANTON BRUCKNER: The Making of a Giant / Full-Length Documentary by Reiner Moritz

ANTON BRUCKNER: The Making of a Giant / Full-Length Documentary by Reiner Moritz
ANTON BRUCKNER: The Making of a Giant / Full-Length Documentary by Reiner Moritz
For those of you who were on the 2018 Bruckner Tour of Austria, several minutes of our tour are featured on this video. You may recall that producer, Reiner Moritz accompanied the tour from Ansfelden to Windhaag.

NOTE: For those of you who purchased the Gergiev / Munich Philharmonic video boxed set, this documentary was included. However, the boxed set contains the 57 minute version produced for television. This Blu-Ray is the 88 minute theatrical release.

Underestimated by his contemporaries, but today acclaimed as one of the greatest and imaginative composers of his time. Anton Bruckner was a genius of tones. This will be the first in-depth documentary about the composer which explodes many of the myths and prejudices cultivated by his detractors during his lifetime and subsequently.

It is a story from rags to recognition told by those who have intimate knowledge of Anton Bruckner and his work. Such great conductors like Kent Nagano, Valery Gergiev and Simon Rattle let the composer come alive in the documentary „Anton Bruckner - The Making of a Giant" telling the ups and downs of life through his music.

Using the opportunity of drawing on Gergiev's recording of the Bruckner Cycle with the Munich Philharmonic for Telmondis, contributions from the Florianer Sängerknaben, organists at St. Florian, Linz and the Vienna Court Chapel as well as the conductor of the Linzer Singakademie (formerly Bruckner's Liedertafel Frohsinn), we gain insights into the work of the composer.

We visit his birthplace, hear about his teaching assignments, his triumphs as organist in France and England, his relationship with Wagner and the difficult times in Vienna, where he spent the latter part of his life.

The video also includes seven a cappella motets and two more songs “Vaterlandslied” and “Du bist wie eine Blume”

  • The full-length cinema film is released for the first time on Blu-ray and contains two language versions.
  • Excerpts of Bruckner’s symphonies performed by Munich Philharmonic under the direction of maestro Valery Gergiev.
  • The composer comes alive due to the variety of interviews with many important and famous people like Simon Rattle, Kent Nagano, Paul Hawkshaw, John F. Berky, Prof. Martin Haselböck and many more.
  • A brand new film to commemorate the 125th day of death of Anton Bruckner on 11 October 2021.