CD - The Point Classics Bruckner Symphony No. 9 - First time with the First Movement

CD - The Point Classics Bruckner Symphony No. 9 - First time with the First Movement

This Point recording (Catalog # 625010-2) listed the performers as Cesare Cantieri and the South German Philharmonic Orchestra. Like every other release of this performance (on LP, cassette and CD) the first track contained the Adagio, the second track was the Scherzo and the third track repeated the Adagio. None of these "South German Philharmonic" Bruckner 9th recordings, whether they were credited to Cesare Cantieri or Hans Swarowsky, contained the first movement. Any recording trace of this performance (produced by Alfred Scholz for mass-market merchandizing) was lost. When the CD manufacturer was advised by of the long-standing error, they replaced the recording with the 1980 Mravinsky / Leningrad Philharmonic performance although they retained the same catalog number for the CD.

After years of searching, it was assumed that the original tapes from the recording session were destroyed and that the first movement was lost.

By sheer coincidence, some of the "South German Philharmonic" recordings were eventually linked to recordings by the Southwest German Radio Symphony in Baden-Baden. A database of Bruckner recordings produced by this radio orchestra in the 1960's was secured from the Deutsche Rundfunkarchiv and a 1965 recording of the Symphony No. 9 conducted by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski was listed. When the second and third movements of that performance were compared to the performance on the CD, it was clear that the recordings were the same.

We had, in fact, discovered the long-lost first movement to this excellent performance!

This recording is offered here to correct a 50 year old error where anyone who purchased this recording in the past never received the full symphony that was listed on the cover.

ANTON BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 ib D Minor
-Stanislaw Skrowaczewski / Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra
-Recorded in Baden-Baden on Jauuary 14, 1965 - STEREO
-Total Time: 54'47" 20'32', 9'41", 24'32"