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John F. Berky
(860) 688-5098
Name:Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major
Version:1878 Version Ed. Leopold Nowak - No significant difference to Haas [1951]
Published Date:1951
Orchestra:Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor:Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Recorded On:7-14/6/04
Recording:RCA/BMG SACD 82876607492
Total Time: 73:07
First Movement: 20:34
Second Movement: 14:57
Third Movement: 13:35
Fourth Movement: 23:59
Notes:Plus rehearsal. This performance is based on the copy score (Mus.Hs. 36693 instead of the autograph Mus.Hs. 19477). The most noticeable difference is in the flute line in the last few bars of the Adagio.