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John F. Berky
(860) 688-5098
Name:Symphony No. 8 in C Minor
Version:1887/90 Mixed Versions. Ed. Robert Haas [1939]
Published Date:1939
Orchestra:Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor:Eugen Jochum
Recorded On:26-28.31/1/49 and 3-4/2/49
Recording:American Decca LP DX-109
Total Time: 82:39
First Movement: 15:06
Second Movement: 13:56
Third Movement: 30:36
Fourth Movement: 23:01
Notes:Note by J.Diether, Chord and Discord: V. 2, No 8 Footnote 13 p.98: The 10-bar Haas interpolation in the Adagio (before letter Q) is omited from this US release.