Answering some questions about the sarcaphagus

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Some people who visit the Bruckner sarcophagus under the organ at St. Florian have noticed a few anomalies regarding dates and spelling.

1) At the base of the sarcophagus, there is a small plaque with the date "1897." But Bruckner died in 1896...
According to Bruckner historian, Elisabeth Maier, Georg Horner, was the master stonemason from Linz who created the stone pedestal for the sarcophagus. It was completed in 1897 and that is the date represented on the plaque in 1897 (Catalogue of St. Florian, volume 2, page 76).

2) On top of the sarcophagus, there is a small plaque that reads "Prof. Anton Brukner." Why is his named mis-spelled?
Once again we turn to Elisabeth Meier who explains that the spelling of Bruckner's name was not uniform. In some reviews you also find "Pruckner" or "Brukner". So it wasn't an error.

My thanks to conductor, Gerd Schaller for following up on these questions.