Newsletter: January 1, 2020

Newsletter: January 1, 2020
Hans Roelofs (1940-2019)
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As of January 1st the Discography Database and the Bruckner Archive Database have been updated. The underlined headlines below will take you to the various sections of the website where the bullet points below are featured. Please use these as guides to the new information offered since the last newsletter.

Newsletter - January 1, 2020

As we enter into the New Year, I have been informed of the sad news that my friend and colleague, Dr. Hans Roelofs, the creator and editor of the incredible discography of Bruckner's vocal and instrumental music. died in Belgium on December 27, 2019. Hans was a kind, learned and generous man. As his health declined he donated his entire collection of Bruckner recordings to the Anton Bruckner Institute in Linz. In 2017, the Bruckner Society of America presented him with the Kilenyi Medal of Honor for his tireless efforts in promoting the music of Anton Bruckner. While his website has been inactive since January, 2019, the costs to maintain it online have been covered by in order that this wealth of information can be maintained. Hans will be missed.

The New Year 2020 will bring some big changes to the way in which this website looks and operates.

Ever since the Bruckner Society of America revived its activities in 2009, it has been the goal of the Board of Directors for the Society to have its own website. Until now, the Society's web presence has been as a subset of That arrangement made it easier for me to manage the Society's news and announcements, but at the same time it complicated the website's financial operations and caused confusion among readers. Many people think that and the Bruckner Society of America are the same. They are not. was started by me back in 2003 as a website framework for the Bruckner Symphony Versions Discography. Over time, the site has expanded to include the Bruckner Archive, downloads, graphics, articles, etc. receives its support through the sale of CDs and other recordings and from commissions via purchases using the web links the ArkivMusic and Amazon.

The Bruckner Society of America is a non-profit private foundation. It receives its revenue from memberships and donations that are tax deductible. Both and the Bruckner Society have separate bank accounts and financial records.

Soon, the Bruckner Society will move off of this website to have a stand-alone website of its own. It will be maintained by me and by Dr. Michael Cucka. Dr Cucka is currently the editor of The Bruckner Journal, a periodical that is published three times per year on a subscription basis. Eventually, and at the discretion of Dr. Cucka, The Bruckner Journal, once published in the U.K., will be absorbed into the Bruckner Society of America as its publication, thus replacing the BSA's Chord and Discord which was published from 1932 to 1998. Membership in the Bruckner Society of America and subscriptions to The Bruckner Journal will be merged.

This reconfiguration of websites will help to straighten the logistics and finances of all these operations. As we have in the past, Dr. Cucka and I will work closely to cross-promote the sites and ensure that they provide the best service to our readers. I welcome your comments.

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  • The 2018 Bruckner Tour of Austria is Featured in a new Bruckner Documentary.

  • The 2020 St. Florian Brucknertage Schedule is Announced.

  • Gerd Schaller's Project 2024 continues with the CD release of the 1891 "Vienna version" of the Symphony No. 1.

  • A new Organ Transcription of the Symphony No. 9 is published with Gerd Schaller Finale.

  • The Berlin Philharmonic releases a Bruckner Symphony Boxed Set.

  • A special Edition compact disc is produced as part of the Bruckner 200 celebration.

  • Two new Bruckner books are published.

  • A video of the BrucknerTage reception given at the Ansfelden Geburthaus is available for viewing.


  • The Bruckner Society announces the 2019 Recordings of the Year.

  • The Bruckner Society's Brucknerathon: The 2019 playlist and photos from the event. (PLUS: A review of the event!)

  • Please renew your Society membership- The member area password has been updated. If you have not renewed your membership in the past year, you no longer have access to the materials in the member area.

  • Annual membership in the Bruckner Society is $30.00 per year. Your donations will help fund further research, performances and publications. Receive one of the Society's exclusive CDs or publications with your contribution! Select them here.


  • The Bruckner Archive recording database (with over 10,125 listings) has been updated and it is easy to download as an Excel file. Many of these recordings are available to collectors and researchers. Contact me for details on how you can fill in some holes in your collection.


  • There are many subjects covered here and these are frequently updated, so make it a point to check out the various subjects under this heading.


  • Links to other Bruckner-related websites that might be of interest.



  • MDG Productions re-releases Herbert Blomstedt's Denon recordings of the Bruckner 4th and 7th Symphonies with the Staatskapelle Dresden.

  • Profil releases the next installment in Gerd Schaller's complete survey of the differing editions with his 1891 "Vienna" version of the Symphony No. 1.

  • The Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz released a limited edition CD of Bruckner "Rarities" with a special Meissen porcelain medallion affixed to the cover.


  • Pristine Audio releases two of Furtwangler's 1951 Bruckner recordings.


  • A Bruckner Symphony No. 2 (1877 Carragan) with the Shanghai Philharmonic is released as a download.

  • A new recording of the Bruckner Requiem is released on Accentus CD.

  • Pristine Classics releases the Horenstein Bruckner Sixth with the London Symphony Orchestra.

  • LSO Live releases Simon Rattle's Bruckner Sixth on CD.


  • releases the final performance in the Sequi/Hofer Piano four-hands Bruckner symphony cycle with the recording of the Symphony in D Minor. A boxed set (and downloads) of the cycle are available as well.

  • Channel Classics issues a band CD which includes Bruckner's rarely recorded March in E Flat.

  • ZYX re-issues a clam shell box of classic performances of Symphonies 0,2,4,5,and 7.

  • Decca Eloquence releases the Vienna Philharmonic box set of Bruckner symphonies with classic performances ny Abbado, Stein, Boehm, Maazel, Solti and Mehta.

  • 21 Classics issues a download only recording of Bruckner's String Quintet as arranged by Thomas Zehetmair.

  • Profil issues a box set of Hermann Abendroth performances including his Leipzig Radio Bruckner recordings.

    JAPANESE RELEASES (IN STOCK ! or Available for special order)

  • TOBU Recordings has released the Bruckner Archives' recording of the Piano four-hand transcriptions of Bruckner's Symphonies 0-9 in a 10 CD boxed set. This item will be stocked by

  • Sony has released a SACD set of Bruno Walter conducting Bruckner's 4th, 7th and 9th Symphonies with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra. 1 copy in stock!!

  • Tower Records is working on a release of the Haitink Bruckner 7th with the Vienna Philharmonic on SACD.

  • Tower Records has also released a limited Edition SACD set of Klemperer's Bruckner Recordings with the Philharmonia Orchestra (# 4-9)

  • Tower Records is re-releasing Asahina's last Bruckner recordings - previously available on Exton

  • Altus Classics releases Gennadi Rozhdestvensky's performance of the Symphony No. 5 in the Schalk Edition with the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra.

  • TOBU Recordings releases a boxed set of Jascha Horenstin in Venezuela which contains a performance of Bruckner's Symphony No. 3.

  • Tower Records releases their exclusive SACD set of Carl Schuricht's Vienna Philharmonic Bruckner recordings (Symphonies 3, 8, 9).

  • Tower Records releases their exclusive SACD set of the Asahina / Fontec recordings of Symphonies 5,7,8, and 9. 1 copy in stock!!

  • Epitagraph releases the 1961 recording of Carl Schuricht conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 7 with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.

  • TOBU Recordings have released the Symphonies 7, 8 and 9 with Eduardo Chibas conducting the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra in a three CD boxed set.


  • BIS will be releasing a recording of the Bruckner Symphony No. 6 with Thomas Dausgaard conducting the Bergen Philharmonic.

  • Valery Gergiev and the Munich Philharmonic have completed the recording of their Bruckner video cycle with three live performances at St. Florian in September as part of the 2019 Brucknerfest. The cycle (1-9) will be released in a boxed set - with a documentary disc - in time for Christmas, 2020. These video recordings were all made at St. Florian while the CD recordings from the same performers originate from Munich.


  • DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH. The second in a series of recordings by the Bruckner Symphony Orchestra of Stuttgart conducted by Wolfgang Hofmann. This month we will feature the Symphony No. 6.


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  • Essays in English and other languages are entered as they are discovered or accepted.

  • New graphics (over 1,100) are frequently added.

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