Newsletter: June 1, 2021

Newsletter: June 1, 2021
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Newsletter - June 1, 2021

An announcement, an offer and an opinion...

I am happy to announce that the 2021 Bruckner Society of America Brucknerathon and Symposium will take place this year! The dates have been set for September 10-12. More information can be found here and that information will be updated as the event approaches.

My CD / video order incentive continues. For every current commercial recording ordered from my webstore, the buyer is entitled to one free "Charter Oak" download from the Bruckner Archive! The Bruckner Archive holds thousands of recordings and a certain section of the archive (Charter Oak Recordings – my own label) is fully digitized.

The entire Charter Oak database can be downloaded here as a fully compatible spreadsheet. When you order a CD or video from this section of my webstore, you can request one of my Charter Oak recordings at no additional cost. The file of your choice will be electronically transferred to you and you can download the file.

To download the Charter Oak database, click here and choose the "Charter-Oak.csv" file.. When you submit your order, simply add the Charter Oak catalog number for the item you wish to receive in the comments section of the order or simply e-mail me with the request. The file will be transferred to you via ""

The offer is valid as long as supplies last. Once an item (CD or video) is sold out, the offer expires and I will not be ordering it again. Some Charter Oak items may be restricted.

An opinion
Anton Bruckner had a strained relationship with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. They refused to play the premiere of the Second Symphony and when the composer had to stand in as conductor of his Third Symphony the orchestra wasn’t very cooperative. When the disastrous performance was over, they fled the stage.

Things didn’t improve much over the years and many of Bruckner’s major works were premiered with foreign orchestras and many of his symphonies remained unperformed by the orchestra at the time of the composer’s death in 1896.

As we entered into the era of recordings, the orchestra continued to remain aloof. While other orchestras all over the world began to complete Bruckner symphony cycles conducted by their music directors, the VPO was only able to hobble together a cycle with six different conductors.

Earlier this year, the Vienna Philharmonic made a major announcement. As part of a scheduled Bruckner cycle for Sony, the orchestra proclaimed to great fanfare that they would be performing and recording Bruckner’s early F Minor and D Minor Symphonies.

By way of analogy, this would be like me announcing that after seventy plus years on this earth that I had decided to read my first book. My friends would smile and congratulate me, but deep inside they would be thinking, “What in the world took you so long?"

That’s my feeling with the VPO’s announcement. It’s been 125 years since Anton Bruckner died. He is without question one of Austria’s greatest composers, and the Vienna Philharmonic is just getting around to performing two of his symphonies?

The performances took place on March 28th at the Musikverein. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there was no audience. The Austrian Radio recently broadcasted the performances and I am happy to say that conductor, Christian Thielemann and the orchestra acquitted themselves well. They will be welcome additions to Bruckner’s discography.

But I have to say it again...What took them so long?


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  • William Carragan’s superb new book, ANTON BRUCKNER – Eleven Symphonies is NOW AVAILABLE and is a must read for any Bruckner enthusiast. Reviews are coming in and they are excellent! Carragan puts his enormous knowledge of Bruckner’s music on paper and complements his descriptions with smartphone “QR Codes” (or an associated website) of audio examples so the reader / listener can understand the differences between the various versions. The book is published and sold exclusively by the "Bruckner Society of America. You will not find this book sold by anyone else and the price of $50.00 is firm through 2021. That price also includes a one year membership in the Bruckner Society of America which includes access to all back issues of "Chord and Discord," a subscription to the "Bruckner Journal" and access to other documents in the member access area of our website. The book is selling well so be sure to order your copy soon. Signed copies are available for $100.00. Since books are not subject to the U.K's VAT, they can be shipped with little or no delay.


  • The Long Journey of the Manuscript of the Symphony No. 3 - A fascinating pictorial essay by Gilles Houle.

  • A new Bruckner cycle from Capriccio.

  • Some piano transcriptions for multiple pianos.

  • William Carragan's Two-Piano transcriptions of Bruckner's symphonies are available for download from his website.

  • The 2021 BrucknerTage Festival program is announced.

  • The Monastery Project: Gilles Houle's massive research project on Heinrich Glassmeir at St. Florian.

  • William Carragan's "Red Book" is reviewed in "Fanfare."


  • The Bruckner Archive recording database (with over 10,700 listings) has been updated and it is easy to download as an Excel file. Many of these recordings are available to collectors and researchers. Contact me for details on how you can fill in some holes in your collection. The database is fully sortable including the ability to sort by performance date!


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  • Oehms Classics releases the second volume in their Bruckner symphony cycle in transcriptions for organ.

  • Gramola offers the Altomonte Ensemble in performances of Bruckner's String Quintet and Quartet.


  • BR Klassik releases the Jansons' Bruckner Symphony No. 3 as an individual CD.

  • Sony releases the the Symphony No. 3 with Christian Thielemann - the second installment of their Eleven Symphony Bruckner cycle with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • C Major releases a Blu-Ray boxed set of the Thielemann / Staatskapelle Dresden video Bruckner cycle (1-9)

  • Yves St Laurent Studios releases a CD of Karajan and the VPO performing the Bruckner Ninth from the 1967 Salzburg Festival.


  • DGG continues their Andris Nelsons / Gewandhaus cycle with the release of the Symphonies 2 and 8 in a 2 CD set.

  • Gerd Schaller's Organ Transcription of the Symphony # 9 with Schaller's completion of the Finale is released by Profil.

  • Eberhard Klotz's organ transcription of the Bruckner Ninth is released on the Organroxx label.

  • St. Laurent Studios releases a Celibidache / Munich Philharmonic performance of the Bruckner 7th from Bucharest.

  • St. Laurent Studios releases a Karajan / Berlin Philharmonic performance of the Bruckner 7th from Lucerne.

  • Legendary Archives releases a download of a Georg Ludwig Jochum performance of the Bruckner Symphony No. 3 with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra.

  • Pentatone Classics releases a CD of Motets by Bruckner and Michael Haydn with Philipp Ahmann conducting the MDR Leipzig Choir.


  • Mariss Janson's Bavarian Radio recording of the Symphony No. 6 is released as a single CD.


  • Unitel releases a DVD (no Blu-Ray) of the Bruckner 9th with Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

  • Spectrum Records releases a download of a Ferdinand Leitner Bruckner 4th with the Orchestre national de l'ORTF.

  • The Stavanger Symphony releases a CD and LP of Markus Stenz conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 6 (Also available as a download.)

  • The Tonkuenstler Orchestra in Austria is releasing a CD with Tadaka Sado conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 8. (Also available as a Download.)

  • Andromeda is releasing a Carl Schuricht performance of the Symphony No. 5 with the Vienna Philharmonic. (Possibly only available as a download.)

    JAPANESE RELEASES (Available for special order)

  • Sony announces the release of its Celibidache/Munich Philharmonic videos on Blu-Ray disc - some for the first time in this format..

  • Altus Recordings releases an NHK stereo recording of a 1965 Osaka concert with Rafael Kubelik conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 8 with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

  • Tower Records releases a Bruckner 8th with Ken Takaseki conducting the Tokyo City Philharmonic - On the Brain CD label.

  • Tower Records releases a Bruckner 4th with Tatsuya Shimono conducting the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra - On the Brain CD label.

  • Tower Records releases a multi SACD set of the Tokyo FM Asahina recordings with the New Japan Philharmonic. In the set are 1970 recordings of the Bruckner 4th and 8th Symphonies.

  • TOBU Records in Japan has released a Bruckner Archive set of Bruckner symphonies in arrangements for Jazz ensemble. The performances of Symphonies 5 and 7 were all recorded in Austria under the direction of Thomas Mandel. IN STOCK HERE AT A SPECIAL PRICE!.

  • TOBU Recordings has released the Bruckner Archives' recording of the piano four-hand transcriptions of Bruckner's Symphonies 0-9 in a 10 CD boxed set. IN STOCK HERE AT A SPECIAL PRICE!!


  • Sony Classics will be releasing Blu-Ray disc editions the the Celibidache / Tokyo performances of the Bruckner Symphonies 6, 7 and 8 along with the Berlin Philharmonic Bruckner 7th. The BPO Bruckner 7th was released on Blu-Ray previously. The set is being released in Japan in July.

  • Capriccio announces a new multi-version cycle of the Bruckner Symphonies conducted by Markus Poschner. Performances will be by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra.


  • DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH. This month, we feature a recording of Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 as performed by Karl-August Buente and the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. The recording dates from May, 1994.


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