Newsletter: January 1, 2021

Newsletter: January 1, 2021
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As of December 30th the Discography Database and the Bruckner Archive Database have been updated. The underlined headlines below will take you to the various sections of the website where the bullet points below are featured. Please use these as guides to the new information offered since the last newsletter.

Newsletter - January 1, 2021

As the year 2021 begins, I wish you a very Happy New Year. With the Covid-19 vaccine now being administered, we can hope for some gradual return to a normal life and the return of concert performances over the coming months. This may not happen fully until early summer, but at least there is some hope that we can move forward after this horrific episode. I hope that many of the concerts that were cancelled will be re-programmed. The drop in Bruckner performances was counterbalanced slightly with some special events given without audiences and some interesting concerts that were presented featuring Bruckner's symphonic works in reduced orchestrations. But overall, concert, broadcast and recording projects were down considerably. It has been a brutal year, but there are two things that 2020 has given to us - a lot to look forward to and a better appreciation of the things we had taken for granted.

The recording industry continues to evolve as younger generations are gravitating towards streaming services rather than CD or download purchases. The trend is certainly more widely felt in the more popular genres, but the shift is beginning to happen with the classics as well. In the last few weeks I have noticed a release (a Schuricht Bruckner 5th) that seems to be available only in digital format - namely streaming or download. Also two orchestras (the Stavanger Symphony in Norway and the Tonkunstler Orchestra in Austria) have released CDs but while distribution of the physical product is limited, downloads are now available from sites such as Amazon. Just how these recordings fit into a DISCography is something that I continue to ponder.

A reminder that William Carragan’s superb new book, ANTON BRUCKNER – Eleven Symphonies is NOW AVAILABLE and is a must read for any Bruckner enthusiast. Carragan puts his enormous knowledge of Bruckner’s music on paper and complements his descriptions with smartphone “QR Codes” (or an associated website) of audio examples so the reader / listener can understand the differences between the various versions. The book is published and sold exclusively by the "Bruckner Society of America. You will not find this book sold by anyone else and the price of $50.00 is firm through 2021. That price also includes a one year membership in the Bruckner Society of America which includes access to all back issues of "Chord and Discord," a subscription to the "Bruckner Journal" and access to other documents in the member access area of our website. The book is selling well so be sure to order your copy soon. Signed copies are available for $100.00.


  • There are two databases on this website: The Bruckner Discography and the Bruckner Archive. The Discography lists every known commercial (or semi-commercial) recording and all of its various releases. The Bruckner Archive lists all of the recordings held physically in the Archive. It may only hold one recording of a given performance listed in the discography, but it contains thousands of other recordings that have never been made commercially available. The Bruckner Archive is downloadable as an Excel file.

  • There are dozens of downloads available to you in my Download of the Month Section. When that service was first offered many years ago, server storage was more limited than now, so many of those files were offered as .mp3 files. I can now offer these downloads as non-compressed .flac files. But instead of me making work for myself changing all of these files over, I would prefer to upgrade the ones that are important to you. If you would like one of my previous downloads to be upgraded to a lossless format, just send me an e-mail requesting the specific download(s) and I'll get to it quickly.

  • Subscribe to The Bruckner Journal. The Bruckner Journal is now the publication arm of the Bruckner Society of America and a subscription comes with a Society membership. It can also be ordered separately (as a download) for just $10.00/10.00 Euros per year.

  • CASH REWARD FOR WANTED RECORDINGS. Click here for details.


    • An old clipping from the Hartford Courant reports on the 1937 Regensburg Valhalla ceremony.

    • Benjamin Korstvedt receives the Claude V. Palisca Award for his edition of the Bruckner Fourth.

    • Roberto Ferrazza's completion of the Bruckner Ninth Finale to be performed in Thailand.

    • The 1935 Weimar Bruckner Fest - some details.

    • Two Bruckner letters at the Library of Congress.

    • The Gergiev Bruckner video cycle is now available. More information on the new release can be found here.

    • Sony will release the first installment of a new Bruckner cycle with Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic. The initial release is the Symphony No. 8. THIS RELEASE HAS BEEN DELAYED AND IS DUE TO SHIP THIS MONTH.


    • The Bruckner Archive recording database (with over 10,550 listings) has been updated and it is easy to download as an Excel file. Many of these recordings are available to collectors and researchers. Contact me for details on how you can fill in some holes in your collection. The database can now also be sorted by performance date!


    • There are many subjects covered here and these are frequently updated, so make it a point to check out the various subjects under this heading.


    • Links to other Bruckner-related websites that might be of interest.



    • Unitel releases a DVD (no Blu-Ray) of the Bruckner 9th with Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

    • Spectrum Records releases a download of a Ferdinand Leitner Bruckner 4th with the Orchestre national de l'ORTF.

    • The Stavanger Symphony releases a CD and LP of Markus Stenz conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 6 (Also available as a download.)

    • The Tonkuenstler Orchestra in Austria is releasing a CD with Tadaka Sado conducting the Bruckner Symphony No. 8. (Also available as a Download.)

    • Andromeda is releasing a Carl Schuricht performance of the Symphony No. 5 with the Vienna Philharmonic. (Possibly only available as a download.)


    • Pristine Classics re-masters the Horenstein / Gothenberg Bruckner 6th.


    • The Gergiev / Munich Philharmonic Bruckner cycle is now available in the deluxe video / documentary / book set by Arthaus. The same recordings will be released on CD in a boxed set produced by the orchestra.

    • Channel Classics releases a performance of the Adagio from the String Quintet arranged for chamber ensemble. It is performed by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

    • Ondine releases a CD of Bruckner's unaccompanied choral including a rare performance of the early Kronsdorf Mass.


    • The Munich Philharmonic releases three CDs of the Symphonies 4-6 with Valery Gergiev conducting the Munich Philharmonic. Next month's release of the Symphony No. 7 will complete the cycle. The boxed set of these will be released in late November.

    • MD&G Gold releases a chamber transcription of the Symphony No. 7 performed by the Thomas Christian Ensemble. It is paired with the chamber transcription of the Mahler 4th.

    • BR Klassik releases a set of Bruckner symphonies recorded by Mariss Jansons. It includes Symphonies 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. It is the first commercial release of the Symphony No. 6.

    • Sony begins a new cycle with Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The first release is the Symphony No. 8. Incredibly, this is the first integral cycle for the VPO with one conductor. Release has been delayed.

    • Doremi Music releases a Bruckner Symphony No. 1 with Claudio Abbado and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The recording was taken from a 1972 Vienna Festival concert.

    • Phi Recordings releases a CD with Philippe Herreweghe conducting the Te Deum and the Mass No. 2.


    • Oehms Classics releases the first installment of a Bruckner symphony cycle transcribed for organ.

    • MD&G releases an organ transcription of the Symphony in f minor, the Overture in G Minor and the Four Orchestra Pieces.

    • High Definition Tape Transfers is offering a remastered edition of the Haitink / Concertgebouw recording of the Symphony No. 4.

      JAPANESE RELEASES (Available for special order - Tower Records editions often available on Ebay.)

    • ATS releases a CD with Karajan's 1966 Holland Festival Bruckner 8th with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

    • Weitblick has released a 4 CD set of performances by Joseph Keilberth and the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra. One of the performances is the Bruckner Symphony No. 6.

    • Gunter Wand has become the new focal point for Japanese Lp and SACD reissues. Recent SACD releases include Symphonies 3 and 8 with NDR, Symphony No 9 with the Deutsches Symphony Orchestra and Symphonies 6, 8 and 9 with the Munich Philharmonic.

    • Fontec released a CD of the Bruckner Symphony No. 3 with Tadaaki Otaka leading the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra.

    • Altus Recordings releases a complete symphony cycle (1-9) featuring the late Hiroshi Wakasugi and the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

    • TOBU Records in Japan has released a Bruckner Archive set of Bruckner symphonies in arrangements for Jazz ensemble. The performances of Symphonies 5 and 7 were all recorded in Austria under the direction of Thomas Mandel. I will be stocking soon at a special price.

    • Nice NF Classics has released a Bruckner 7th with Yoshinori Nishiwaki conducting Der Ring Tokyo Orchestra (Hybrid SACD)

    • TOBU Recordings has released the Bruckner Archives' recording of the Piano four-hand transcriptions of Bruckner's Symphonies 0-9 in a 10 CD boxed set.


    • Organroxx will be releasing a recording of the Bruckner Symphony No. 9. The organist will be Thilo Muster.


    • DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH. This month, we feature a recording of Symphony No. 4 as performed in 1996 by the Orchestre de Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec under the direction of Raffi Armenian.


    • The web store focuses on Bruckner recordings that are not generally available. It is divided up into sections for CDs and DVDs, books and scores, downloads, bargain samples and collectibles. Be sure to check out each section for new items.

    • has entered into an agreement with the publisher of the MWV's Bruckner scores and publications. Order scores and critical reports from Click here for details. **** Next order deadline: March 31, 2021.


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