Bruckner Archive acquires a rare LP

Bruckner Archive acquires a rare LP
One of my almost daily tasks is to scroll through numerous Internet sales sites looking for the occasional Bruckner recording that has previously eluded my attention. Last week, I almost passed by an LP that offered a Bruckner Mass No. 3 and an Overture in G Minor conducted by Takashi Asahina. I thought as I passed it by that I already have the Mass and the Overture and since this is a Japan Victor LP, it's got to be the same one. But something held me back... Perhaps this might be a different pressing of the Overture which should be added to the discography. So I checked and was stumped by the fact that the Mass and the Overture that I have was the one performed by the New Japan Philharmonic. These were issued in the 1980's and have since appeared on CD and SACD in Japan. This recording was by the Osaka Philharmonic...

I contacted the seller and asked for the dates of the two works. He came back with one date for both - July 14, 1980. This did not match the dates for the New Japan Philharmonic performances and when I checked a wonderful database of Bruckner concerts in Japan compiled by a great friend of mine, it confirmed that Asahina did in fact perform both works in Osaka on that date!

Another interesting point was that the scanned LP label said "Custom LP." Given this information, I paid the exceedingly high price for this mystery LP (don't ask, it was a lot). It was purchased from a collector in Italy.

Since making the purchase, I have learned that this is indeed a special LP that was pressed for members of the Bruckner Club of Japan over forty years ago.

The LP has been received and has been transcribed and digitized. It was in excellent condition and only minimal click removal was necessary.