The Bruckner Journal Readers Conference is cancelled

The Bruckner Journal Readers Conference is cancelled
The Bruckner Journal Readers Conference, originally scheduled for January 29-30, 2021, has been cancelled. It was hoped that the January 2021 date would allow for the conference to take place. However, the social distancing guidelines enacted by Yale University this fall make gatherings and concerts impractical.

The following statement has been placed on the Bruckner Journal website:

Currently, there remains great uncertainty for what will happen with classes and public events at Yale after Christmas. The University has declared a moratorium on all events involving visitors from off campus until the end of December. Even if matters change, and we were allowed to hold a live meeting, it is unlikely that we would know that in time for people to prepare travel plans.

Social distancing regulations set down by the Office of Health and Safety dictate that the largest ensemble the music school can assemble is 34 people – less if it involves winds or singers who must be 12 feet apart. Again, while none of us can predict what will happen to these regulations by January, the likelihood of being able to perform a piece the size of Bruckner is remote. We had chosen the January date to coincide with a performance of Bruckner’s Seventh by the Yale Philharmonia. The conductor, Peter Oundjian, has agreed to postpone the performance for us until the academic year 2021-22.

Given the circumstances, we unfortunately have no choice but to officially postpone the Bruckner meeting until an as yet to be scheduled date during the 2021-2022 academic year.

We apologize for the inconvience this may cause - and wish you all the best of health in these challenging times.

Please visit the Bruckner Journal's website for more information about the 12th Biennial Readers Conference.