An interesting Sound Document from World War II

An interesting Sound Document from World War II
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Here is an extraordinary audio-document by the "Reichs-Bruckner-Choir" of Leipzig taken from MDR's Broadcasting Treasures web site.

As stated on the website, The original source is from a film soundtrack. Despite its poor condition, this recording is an important historical document.


Audio 1: A broadcasting musical "fanfare" used to introduce radio news features. In this case, the Reich Bruckner Choir.
[Ed. Note:] For more information about this fanfare, click here.

Audio 2: Excerpt of the welcoming speech by August Eigruber, "Gauleiter" of Upper-Danube. [Ed Note:] Eigruber was executed in 1947 for war crimes associated with his activities at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Upper Austria.]

Audio 3 : Words of thanks addressed on 30 April 1944 to an unnamed radio broadcasting representative.

Audio 4 : Singing by the Reich Bruckner Choir during a Reich radio broadcast on 30 April 1945.

[Ed Note:] The date of the music excerpt has added interest in that it was recorded on the day that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker below the Reichs Chancellery in Berlin.

My thanks to Gilles Houle for providing this audio file.

Download: Reichs_Bruckner_Chorus.mp3