Brucknerathon Photo Gallery

Pictures of the September 4th dinner were taken by Ken Ward, Editor of The Bruckner Journal. Photos of the September 5th listening session were taken by John Berky.

William Carragan's favorite Ebay purchase.
L-R: Michael Schaffer, Ken Jacobson, Diane McColley, Chuck Benson, Sol Siegel and John Proffitt.
L-R: Edwin Banta, Eric Lai, Johnson Liu, Michael Schaffer and Ken Jacobson. They are listening to my instructions for the following day.
John Berky, Marjory Berky and Alma Banta.
John Berky snags a few, but not Johnson Liu & Sky Magary.
Full table view.
L-R: Ken Jacobson, Diane and Robert McColley, Chuck Benson and Sol Siegel.
L-R: Chuck Benson, Sol Siegel, John Proffitt and William Carragan. Also a view of my head that I rarely see.
L-R: Marjory Berky, Alma and Edwin Banta, Eric Lai, Johnson Liu, and Sky Magary.
Approaching the Jacobson's home.
The Listening room. The timer between the speakers is for use with William Carragan's analysis of Symphonies 1,2,3, and 9.
Following the analysis.
Preparing the lunch buffet. Beer is on the porch. Jennifer Coombs checks e-mail.
Watching the DVD of the Bruckner Fourth with Sinopoli.
Marjory Berky and Ruth Jacobson.
Listening in the late afternoon.
Dinner is served! Sol Siegal is stabbing bread, not Bill.
Another photo of the dinner buffet.
Robert McColley, Ken Jacobson and Jennifer Coombs.
Dinner on the patio.
L-R: Diane and Robert McColley and Ken Jacobson.
Marjory and John Berky
L-R: Michael Cucka, Sky Magary and Johnson Liu.
Dinner Continues
L-R: Ken Ward, Michael Schaffer and William Carragan.
L-R: John Proffitt, Ken Ward and Michael Schaffer.
Jennifer Coombs and Ed Banta.
The Brucknerathon Cake!!
The Official Brucknerathon Photo.