August 20 - Vienna

Our last official day of the Bruckner Tour took place in Vienna. It was library day.

We first visited the main hall of the Austrian National Library [ONB] - one of the oldest is Europe. It is an incredible room filled with ancient books and modern exhibits.

The we walked down the street from Josef Platz to the offices of the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library. Here Drs. Thomas Leibnitz and Andrea Harrandt met us and showed us a fascinating selection of the library's manuscript colllection - including the recently acquired Kitzler Study Book, the Symphony in D minor (Die Nullte), the Symphony No. 1, the Symphony No. 3 from 1877, the Mass No. 3 and the Symphony No. 7 with the famous "Quilt nicht" ("not valid") notation in the Adagio around the cymcal crash [attrib. to Robert Haas). We also saw some diary entries, letters and inscriptions written by Bruckner.

Special thanks to ImperiaL Connection in Vienna and
guide Yasmin Noori for making this such an enjoyable trip.

Sign referring to Bruckner in the Main Hall of the ONB
The Main Hall of the Austrian National Library [ONB]
Thomas Leibnitz greets the tour participants at the Music Library
Presenting the manuscripts
The Bruckner Study Book
Symphony No.1
Symphony in D Minor "Die Nullte"
Symphony No. 3 title page
Bruckner' signature
Adagio of the Symphony No. 7 with the cymbal flap removed
Symphony No, 7 with the cymbal flap restated
Bruckner's own dedication of the Symphony No. 3 to Wagner
Farewell dinner
Our tour guide says goodbye